European police officers embrace obstacle course running

1st USPE Cup in Obstacle Course Running

The 1st USPE Cup in Obstacle Course Running goes down in history as a success. The event took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands from the 22st – 24th May 2019. 64 Athletes from 9 Countries participated in the USPE Cup.

The participating countries were: Netherlands (Host), Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, and Switzerland. In total there were 47 Men & 17 Women on the start list.
At the end of the day all participants agreed: it was a fantastic event that fits the European police sports family. Read the full report by USPE technical delegate Ian Redican and get inspired by the aftermovie.

Aftermovie by DvK Mediatics:

Downloads results:
1st USPE Cup OCR 2019 – Men’s Results
1st USPE Cup OCR 2019 – Women’s Results