EPC Cross Country 2025

The European Police Sport Federation USPE has entrusted the Dutch Police Sport Federation NPSB with the organisation of the European Police Championships in Cross Country 2025. This EPC will take place in November/December 2025 in Soest, in cooperation with AV Pijnenburg. We will keep you informed! Nederland organiseert november/december 2025 het Europese politie kampioenschap Cross Country in Soest, i.s.m. AV...
Marathon Dublin 2018 Martijn
From October 7th to October 10th the Dutch Police Sport Federation NPSB will host the 8th European Police Championship (EPC) marathon. During the marathon weekend we will welcome 150 colleagues from all over Europe to meet and compete in Eindhoven. As we speak, we are preparing the arrival of athletes, delegates, attendants and all other guests attending this police...

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